Based on A.Green's novel

Director - Evgeny Solovyev

Puppets and design - Yulia Rikhter

For adult and family audience (8+)

Duration - 65 min.

This is a story of firm belief and all-conquering great dream, that everyone can make a miracle for someone close.

After death of her mother, Assol lives together with her father - the sailor Longren. He quits his job to raise the daughter himself and begins to make toy boats for living. Once running after a toy boat she missed, Assol meets Captain Gop, who tells her that when she grows up one day a Prince on a ship with scarlet sails will come for her. Assol believes him and begins to wait for the Prince. Everybody in the port of Zurbagan – the Barmaid, the Shopkeeper and even her Nanny are laughing at the naive girl who believes in the foolish fairy tale. It is a chimerical dream as scarlet sails never existed.

Meanwhile in a castle of Countess Grey her son Arthur, the heir of title and land, grows up. But the boy who dreamed of freedom and adventure runs away from home and becomes a ship boy. A child who had everything overcomes many difficulties in order to become a true captain. And one day he sees a girl crying over a toy boat and he falls in love.

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