“As the Fable says…”

Based on J. de Lafontaine - I. Krylov

Director - Evgeny Solovyev

Design - Yulia Rikhter

Music by I.-S.Bach, L.Boccerinni, L.van Beethoven

For kids age 5+

Duration - 45 min.

A fable is a short satirical moralizing story. Main characters of the fable are usually animals. Fable is one of the oldest literary genres. In Ancient Greece were widely known Aesop's fables, in Europe the popularity of this genre has brought Jean de Lafontaine, and Russia knows and loves fables in the translation of Ivan Krylov.

In our show there are 13 fables. It's 13 stories of greed and stupidity, ignorance and cowardice, hypocrisy and arrogance. But it is clear to the kids and their parents that behind the masks and images of the Fox, the Wolf, the Lion and other beasts lurk human characters, ridicules the shortcomings and praising the dignity.

               Minuet Luigi Boccherini, as the leitmotif of the action, turns the performance into an exquisite music box, from which the actors are magically getting  new and new characters, transferring the action from the forest to the village and from the brook in the hen house, dancing and playing Quartet.

"Как в баснях говорят..." demo

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