Director Evgeny SOLOVYEV

Puppetry Yulia RIKHTER

Based on drawings of Tatiana BOKOVA

Play by Elena SOLOVIEVA

Actors Evgeny SOLOVYEV, Yulia RIKHTER

Music by Cevin MacLeod

Puppet show for kids and their friends (4+)

Duration 35 min.

This story is about flowers and the sun, about the miracles and transformations, about friendship and loyalty. It was Sunny, and on a bed of flowers blossomed. They are all beautiful, but the characters are different. Good and evil, proud and sad, sycophantic and treacherous – they argue and make up, they decide what to be and whom to be friends. And most importantly, they try to understand what is friendship, what can and should be done for a friend, and how easy and yet difficult just to be together.

"Forget-me-not" ("Незабудка")

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